Get Your Geek On

I am quite fascinated with Normcore these days.

Is it a trend, or antithesis of a trend? It emerged as a phenomenon last year when K-hole coined the term in fashion reports. Ever since, the “trend” has taken over the fashion world. The idea is to dress averagely, ditching your Choos and Chanels for unbranded jeans, regular sportswear and minimal to no accessories. It is the ultimate about turn for fashion insiders who love their labelled razzmatazz.

According to K-hole, Normcore “finds liberation in being nothing special, and realizes that adaptability leads to belonging”.

It is confusing, yes. It is a fluid term, and the key is to find your own perception of it.

This look is my take on Normcore. On a related note, I’m not sure if I’m ready yet to dismiss a statement accessory or embrace Birkenstocks. We’ll see.

Top : Ginger | Skirt : Globus
Shoes : Forever 21 | Clutch : Metaphor

Lipstick : Catrice Ultimate Color in It’s a Matt World and Maybelline Bold Matte in Mat 2



Photographs by Amrita Rana

Location: B’wiched, Juhu